Only by the form, the pattern,
Can words or music reach
The stillness, as a Chinese jar still
Moves perpetually in its stillness.
T. S. Eliot
Four Quartets
Briunt Norton

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Shakespeare Sonnet 130


Haven't finished a book appropriate to this site lately. So I haven't felt that I have anything that has been right for this site to post. And I am not especially drawn to any particular book. I have been reading Machiavelli, Macaulay and the Federalist Papers.
I read a couple of excellent short stories by John Updike on the net recently. I highly recommend them. The better of the two is 'How Was It,Really?' The other, also very well written is 'The Rumor.' They are both short and densely written. Updike has a talent for getting many balls in the air and meticulously and naturally keeping them all where they belong. When I was younger I especially enjoyed his stories 'The Christian Roommates,' 'Pigeon Feathers' and 'Dentistry and Doubt.'